Conor, Michael and Jacqueline Hickey own and operate a small farm in North Waterboro, Maine. Michael and Jacqueline  built their home on a 15 acre wooded parcel of land.  Three years ago we cleared 2.5 acres surrounding the house to begin our farming adventure.  We now see a greater variety of birds and wildlife as well as the most spectacular sunsets.  Our goal is to carefully fill our new fields with a combination of perennials, shrubs and annuals.  We grow sustainably.  Our soil is our most important asset.  Although we are not certified organic we use organic practices.  It is important to us that we improve our soil with each season and our farm stays safe for all creatures great and small, especially the bees.
     We plant thousands of annuals from seed each season.  Every year we'll grow some favorite selections such as zinnia, lisianthus, dahlia, celosia, dianthus, sunflowers and rudbeckia to mention just a few.  
     Red Sky Farm can create bouquets for all occasions.  We provide large and small bouquets for restaurants and businesses.  We attend farmers markets and provide DIY brides with buckets of gorgeous flowers for their special day.  Our flowers are locally grown, always fresh and always beautiful!